TFN Tsawwassen Mills Mall

Contract Value:




Project Location:

South Delta, BC


Associated Engineering

Completion Date:

December 2016

Project Description:

The Tswawwassen Mills Mall is a 1.2-million-square-foot shopping centre at the corner of Highway 17 and 52nd Street which was built on Tsawwassen First Nations’ land in South Delta. B&B performed all offsite civil work for this project including water, sewer, electrical, and drainage. This project consisted of installing a large volume of pipe, most of which was below sea level and thus required extensive ground water control. B&B installed around 7km of HDPE and large sanitite pipe. Steel pipe was also installed which required well pointing to draw down the water level. B&B had two Gensets running 24/7 with two 3” pumps on each Genset. This was critical because B&B needed to keep the water level under control to continue work according to schedule. There were approximately 500 individuals on site during construction at any given time. This made it very important to communicate with everyone effectively and uphold high safety standards. Weekly meetings were held with all key onsite individuals to coordinate vehicle and machine schedules and accessibility to the site. B&B met and exceeded all project requirements in regards to quality of workmanship and completing the project ahead of schedule while working alongside four other contractors at the same time.