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Low Level Road

Client: Port Metro Vancouver

project Details

The Low Level Road Project was a Design-Bid-Build project which consisted of building a new 2.5 KM road which was supported the entire way by MSE walls in close proximity to an active railway. B&B built a new two-lane steel girder overpass structure crossing eight active railway tracks, for the purpose of providing easier roadway access to local industries. During construction B&B maintained the existing roadway traffic using an extensive traffic management plan. The industrial properties, businesses and railway needs were met in maintaining operations without interruption during construction. Roadway and utility installation was coordinated with the City of North Vancouver and Port Metro Vancouver. This included suggesting creative modifications to the existing city and industrial utilities to create a satisfactory buffer between the urban and industrial settings.

This was a Design-Bid-Build for Port Metro Vancouver under the direction of Stantec (design engineers for this project). B&B installed 150m of HDPE pipe for a sanitary line. B&B reconnected an existing industrial user to a new force main system which was installed on steep grades and within casings under the railway. When upgrading the utilities under the new road, B&B used a variety of pipe materials including ductile iron, steel, concrete, and PVC. Sizes of pipe varied from 75mm to 750mm. Slopes ranged from 0% underneath rail bed to 66% through the new road structure. B&B reconfigured the existing utilities to fit the new design requirements, which captured creeks, sewers, waterlines, and electrical lines. B&B needed to be mindful of urban neighbourhoods in terms of noise control, dust control, providing traffic access, and maintaining services throughout the entire project.


TFN Tsawassen Mills Mall


Project Details

The Tswawwassen Mills Mall is a 1.2-million-square-foot shopping centre at the corner of Highway 17 and 52nd Street which was built on Tsawwassen First Nations’ land in South Delta. B&B performed all offsite civil work for this project including water, sewer, electrical, and drainage. This project consisted of installing a large volume of pipe, most of which was below sea level and thus required extensive ground water control. B&B installed around 7km of HDPE and large sanitite pipe. Steel pipe was also installed which required well pointing to draw down the water level. B&B had two Gensets running 24/7 with two 3” pumps on each Genset. This was critical because B&B needed to keep the water level under control to continue work according to schedule. There were approximately 500 individuals on site during construction at any given time. This made it very important to communicate with everyone effectively and uphold high safety standards. Weekly meetings were held with all key onsite individuals to coordinate vehicle and machine schedules and accessibility to the site. B&B met and exceeded all project requirements in regards to quality of workmanship and completing the project ahead of schedule while working alongside four other contractors at the same time.


Neptune Terminals Allison Project

Client: Neptune Bulk Terminals

Project Details

Neptune Bulk Terminals – Allison Project (Early Contractor Involvement – ECI) 

 The Allison Project involved a massive upgrade to the steel making coal handling facility at Neptune Bulk Terminals in North Vancouver.  

As part of Neptune’s mega project, B&B was engaged early in the process and was contracting to complete a new overpass as well as various other scopes of work related to their steel making coal capacity upgrade project.   

For civil works, B&B was responsible for managing and coordinating all construction activities complete with the supply, delivery, handling and re-handling as necessary to construct the new overpass. Overall project scope included location and relocation of existing underground utilities, installation of underground and above ground utilities, duct banks, pipes, spray poles, culverts, catch basins, foundations, lock blocks and manholes including trenching and bedding requirements. 

Overpass construction works involved significant demolition of the apron slab at the interface of the existing overpass and new overpass connection. Civil works included 20,000 m2 MSE wall construction and a steel girder overpass – assembled on site (including girder assembly, soffit installation, and rebar placement) to minimize impact to facility operations and train movements.  

Additional project scopes included demolition of a portion of the existing secondary coal treatment pond, the reinforced concrete retaining footings, and slabs and walls was required. Following demolition, B&B performed construction related for the relocation of 6 rail tracks, an entire rebuild of rail tracks to the coal dumper, rebuild of 240 ft of track 1, and all related site civil works.  

In addition to significant permeant works described above related to this project, B&B was also responsible for overall project support services and increased construction scope work including project logistics support, site wide services, crane support (8 cranes 24/7 with subcontractor), building cladding installations (with subcontractor), remediation services, rail track installations and corrections, paving and grading works, laydown areas constructions and removals, fuelling services, project demobilization, traffic control services, waste management, additional structures and utilities works. B&B further supported the project with 24/7 bussing services that transported over 500 craft employees to site daily, which included the services of over 20 buses. 

Throughout the Allison project lifespan, B&B completed over 500,000 man-hours without a lost time incident. 


Mitchell Latimer Multi-Family Complex


project Details

The Foundry, located in the Latimer Heights area of West Langley, is a new residential community home to single and multi-family homes and townhomes. Constructed through three phases, this family friendly community features parks and green spaces, as well as planned retail and commercial spaces.

B&B Contracting was awarded the subcontract for onsite civil servicing of Phase 1 (122 Lot Single Family) and Phase 2 (59 Lot Single Family / 20 Building Townhouse) in 2020, and was awarded the subcontract for Phase 3 (106 Lot Single Family) in 2022. 

B&B has worked closely with the owner – Mitchell Latimer Group, the Township of Langley, and area stakeholders through the successful completion of our works. Over the past two years B&B has been responsible for site clearing involving 137,000 m3 of excavation; roadworks; installation of underground storm sewers, water mains, and sanitary sewers, including a pumping and treatment system. Phase 1 also involved civil works for a detention pond and offsite sewers.

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