Mosquito Creek Spirit Trail

Contract Value:



Core Project Management

Project Location:

North Vancouver, BC


Associated Engineering

Completion Date:

May 2018

Project Description:

The Mosquito Creek Spirit Trail (MCST) project was the final piece of the Spirit Trail on the North Shore which greatly improved connectivity in the area, as it removed the need for pedestrians and cyclists to take the lengthy 1.4km detour around Mosquito Creek. The MCST project included challenges such as a portion of it running below sea level, underneath the working boat lift at Mosquito Creek Marina. Engineers designed the trail this way to avoid any conflict with machinery or marine traffic. B&B was the Construction Manager for this project and was responsible for the construction of 600 metres of precast trail which included a tunnel structure, a boat lift structure, and a pedestrian bridge for pedestrians and cyclists alike. The pedestrian bridge proudly displays Coast Salish art by celebrated local First Nations artists. The MCST project included the demolition of the existing boat lift structure, dredging, steel pipe pile installation, underground utility relocation, installation of rip rap armoring, installation of cast-in-place structures, installation of a pre-fabricated wet well, asphalt paving, decorative lighting, and landscaping. B&B kept quality, safety, environmental concerns, time, and budget in mind throughout the project.