Highway No. 1

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Highway No. 1 – Six Laning and 202nd Street Interchange, Langley, BC

Will be completed in December of 2012, this project includes:

  • Design Build of 3 km of 6-lane highway grading, paving and bridge construction on Highway 1 from 200th street to 216th street;
  • Five live traffic detour implantations;
  • 2 bridge structures with 50 m spans;
  • Large diameter underground utility upgrades in soft compressible soils;
  • Expanded Polystyrene, Pumice and Lightweight Cellular Concrete Fills;
  • TELUS fibre optic relocation
  • 202nd street interchange and on and off ramps
  • Two mechanically stabilized earth walls
  • Cast in place storm detention box culvert.

This Design-Build project involves the construction of 3km of highway widening works and a new 202 Street interchange, complete with on- and off-ramps, underpasses, and both road and utility works for the Township of Langley.

The structures consist of two 50 meter span bridges. The construction utilized value engineering to determine that both time and money could be saved using “first of their kind” precast concrete parapets. This breakthrough allowed the 500 precast pieces to be constructed offsite while the embankment and structure work continued onsite. Use of this production technique provided the short construction time needed to achieve the completion date.

The embankments used a number of construction techniques to meet the design criteria, including 15,000 m3 of expanded polystyrene fill and mechanically stabilized earth. These ground improvements were enclosed in a combination of precast concrete panels and cast in place concrete walls.

An extensive traffic management plan was created and adhered to the BC Ministry of Transportation standards. In order to maintain traffic flow 5 live traffic detours had to be designed and implemented by the contractor. Night work was utilized extensively to minimize the impact on traveling public. The detour construction incorporated the 200th Street on- and off-ramps and maintained the flow of traffic on the “most used” interchange in Langley. The final configuration of the 202nd Street interchange included construction of two new permanent on- and off-ramps.

With the approximately 100,000 daily commuters and the busy commercial centres adjacent to and within the job site, this project drew a lot of public interest. Extensive communications protocols and expectations were established by the owner, and frequent project and schedule updates were provided by contractor. These, in accordance with project communications standards, were also provided to DriveBC, Translink, and other public stakeholders.

Utility work involved extensive storm and water-main work running the entire length of the project, including live tie-ins, services, manholes, and appurtenances. Installation of large diameter (1350 mm) storm sewer piping and associated large structure manholes an lightweight fill sections. Coordination with 3rd party utilities most notably included the relocation of Telus’ main fiber optic line that feeds all of the lower mainland and Vancouver.

Environmental precautions were a big part of this project because of the work needed to be done over the Latimer Creek. This required the owner and B&B to retain environmental monitors and consultants to address the environmental impacts of the project.

Similarities to 232nd Street

  • Design Build Project
  • Project located on a high volume traffic corridor a with strict traffic management requirements including sophisticated traffic management systems, complex staging and detour requirements, and ongoing related media/communications relations.
  • Integrated existing provincial and municipal (Township of Langley) roadwork and utilities into the finished work
  • Bridge and embankment construction
  • Large sections of highway constructed in soft soils, lightweight fills used to mitigate these conditions
  • Included innovative solutions that added value to the finished product
  • Constricted work and staging areas
  • Creation and implementation of Quality Management Systems, based on ISO 9001 (2000)
  • Management of complex environmental issues
  • Work site safety programs and safety record keeping


  • Experience with large-scale, design build projects involving grading, paving and structural construction
  • Experience with Construction Management involving multiple stakeholders, contractors and sub-trades
  • Experience with Detail Traffic Management Plans in accordance with BCMoT standards
This project received the Green Leaf Award for Excellence in Environmental Protection