Northwest Langley Wastewater Treatment Plant EXPANSION PROJECT

Contract Value:



Maple Reinders

Project Location:

Langley, BC



Completion Date:

May 2015

Project Description:

The Northwest Langley Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Project was constructed to provide sanitary servicing to the growing community. The general contractor was assigned the task of constructing the Wastewater Treatment Plant. B&B’s involvement in the project included preload removal and raft slab preparation, which included open and closed end pipe piles. Seismic considerations were a key factor in the raft slab mass in the event of future seismic activity. The civil works involved to get to this stage included ESC preparations, site preparation, dewatering, and utility installation. This included site access and subgrade preparation prior to the installation of sanitary, storm, and watermains. Having completed servicing, B&B then backfilled the site with sub-base and base gravels. Following this, B&B poured the concrete curbs and paved the asphalt.