Low Level Road Project

Contract Value:



Port Metro Vancouver

Project Location:

North Vancouver, BC


Stantec Consulting

Completion Date:

April 2015

Project Description:

The Low Level Road Project was a Design-Bid-Build project which consisted of building a new 2.5 KM road which was supported the entire way by MSE walls in close proximity to an active railway. B&B built a new two-lane steel girder overpass structure crossing eight active railway tracks, for the purpose of providing easier roadway access to local industries. During construction B&B maintained the existing roadway traffic using an extensive traffic management plan. The industrial properties, businesses and railway needs were met in maintaining operations without interruption during construction. Roadway and utility installation was coordinated with the City of North Vancouver and Port Metro Vancouver. This included suggesting creative modifications to the existing city and industrial utilities to create a satisfactory buffer between the urban and industrial settings. This was a Design-Bid-Build for Port Metro Vancouver under the direction of Stantec (design engineers for this project). B&B installed 150m of HDPE pipe for a sanitary line. B&B reconnected an existing industrial user to a new force main system which was installed on steep grades and within casings under the railway. When upgrading the utilities under the new road, B&B used a variety of pipe materials including ductile iron, steel, concrete, and PVC. Sizes of pipe varied from 75mm to 750mm. Slopes ranged from 0% underneath rail bed to 66% through the new road structure. B&B reconfigured the existing utilities to fit the new design requirements, which captured creeks, sewers, waterlines, and electrical lines. B&B needed to be mindful of urban neighborhoods in terms of noise control, dust control, providing traffic access, and maintaining services throughout the entire project.